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I do not have an industry,(like I will say later on), but a website that is very unpopular. I was hoping to bring up the viewer and member count, but mostly educate young people about the life of music. Especially the names of instruments. Many people dont know what instrument is what. This slightly disappointed me when I found this out by personal experience. I also have added some forums on the website, and you can talk about the subject as long as its appropriate. I have pictures of instruments, (five so far...), but I add one on everyday. Yes, this is a day to day website, and I will protect the website, fix problems, and make it for the better. Whats also great, is that you can contact me for suggestions, problems, and complaints that you have. All of thus information is on my website.

What are some good musical instruments for kids?

Many kids love to play simple instruments, such as drum, maraca, or a recorder. But, as kids grow and learn new skills, they like to move on to more complex instruments. Most 6th graders say they like trumpets, snare drums, flutes, or a clarinet. In their middle school years, they either choose to stay with the same instrument or they progress to a more complex version or a totally different instrument. High school is a very advanced level of instrumentation, and many students are in band, and there is a wide variety in every section.

What type of music are you into?

Im into mostly pop, but some country. Although those are my favorites, I really liked the music we played in school and still play some of it today. I was a trombonist for my 6th grade through 8th grade years. Then for the rest of high school I was an euphonium player. I played a recorder in 4th grade, and passed all the levels. I played a flute and a harmonica in my own time, but I cannot master them without a professional, and neither can you.

Did you study music, if so where?

No, but I hope to join the Quinlan and Fabish music company. I will have to study, and I hope I study at IU, and become a music director. I guess you can say that I studied a little during my years of playing in the school band. I also studied music in my music classes, and my choir. One of the main priorities that you want to learn for music, is how to count and clap correctly. I learned this the hard way.

What is your history in the industry?

I honestly do not have an industry, but just a website that is unpopular, and I was hoping to get more guests, and hopefully members. I am the only one in charge of this website, and it will be listed below. I guess you can say that I am the boss of my own website, and I do not hire anyone.

What kinds of jobs do you take on?

I will take on any music related jobs I can. A music teacher, band aid, instrument manufacturer, etc. I love music, and as I said, I will take any job if there comes a time and opportunity. I really want to be a band director though, because, I was a bandy when I was a kid. I quit choir in my 8th grade year, and became a full on band geek, if you could call it that.

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