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Port Stanley Fitness Centre
Canada - Port Stanley, Ontario
Looking for The Port Stanley Fitness Centre, Address: 5-206 Main Street, Port Stanley, Ontario, N5L 1C3 Phone:519-719-7849 or
Port Stanley Fitness Centre is an affordable family fitness facility serving the residents and visitors to Lake Erie"s north shore since March, 2002. Memberships can be tailored to fit any clients needs and wants. Visitors to the area should call or email to arrange a short term membership for the duration of their visit. The gym has open access 24 hours a day 365 days a year for members. We have a full assortment of aerobic and weight training machines to fit your fitness needs. We also have a fully equipped free weight training room. A personal trainer is also available by calling and arranging. The facility is situated close to local accommodation, shopping restaurants and the local attractions. Free parking, showers,lockers and change rooms are part of your membership. Imagine,completing your fitness workouts on your schedule while overlooking the tranquil waters of Port Stanley harbor.

Membership Plans
Single........................$40.00tx inc.
Couple........................$50.00tx inc.
Family/Business(up to 4)......$69.00tx inc.

Seasonal Special $140.00

Annual Plans
Family/Business(up to 4)......$800.00

PILATES IN PORT:Pilates trainer Vera Needham will be scheduling pilates reformer classes at the Port Stanley Fitness Centre. One hour training sessions once a week for 10 weeks for $100.00. Call Vera at 519-615-8549

What Fitness plan would you recommend?

Depends on the person and what their goals are.Long distance runners obviously have different fitness plans compared to a weight lifter. Have a certified personal trainer recommend a training regime for each individual.

What do people have to do to become healthy?

Proper nutritional habits are a large part of being a healthy individual.Eliminate as many processed foods as possible. Eat 5-6 times per day(small meals) rather than gorging 2-3 times a day. An aerobic and weight training exercise regimen of at least 3 times a week.

What is your history in the industry?

We have been operating at the same location since March, 2002. A total of 11 years. We offer a full compliment of aerobic and weight training machines as well as a free weight training room. We offer free parking, locker use, change room and shower facilities.

Can you tell us about targeting specific muscle groups?

Average people who are not in training for a specific event should concentrate on a well rounded full body workout consisting of 30 minutes aerobic exercises plus a weight training regimen 3 times a week.

Can you help a client loose weight fast, if so how?

No one can lose weight fast in a healthy way. Claims to do that are bogus and impair the health of their clients.A proper nutritional and fitness plan will help a client reach their goals over a period of time. Good health is not a five minute project.

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Christmas Special
GIVE THE GIFT OF #HEALTH. Purchase a four month membership gift certificate for your fmily and loved ones for only $140.00 Tax included. Call 519-719-7849 to arrange an on premise tour. Get a group of four an annual membership for only $200.00 per person. Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year for members. Workout and get healthy on your schedule.

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Port Stanley Fitness
The Port Stanley Fitness Centre is an affordable family fitness facility that serves visitors and residents of the Port Stanley area.We will accommodate visitors to our village. Call for a short-term membership.Call 519-719-7849. Open 24 hours all year

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Do you have other Fitness Centres outside of Ontario?

Larry Macdonald
No we are a single institution in Port Stanley Ontario, Canada. Come to our resort town and experience the Jewel on Lake Erie. "Free Advertising Online"