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Plug N Play, Do it Yourself Solar Generators
United States - Denver
Our Publishing company provides you with many solar venders to choose from which gives you a competitive edge with convenience and price comparisons. Venders use our site to provide you with better deals to win your business. This service eliminates the search engine hassles at no charge to you.

What new technology articles do you recommend?

Our publishing company provides free d.i.y solar generator education with a electronics college degree back ground! Our solar venders also provide diy solar generator manuals. Our publishing website also has available Plug n Play Solar Generators.

What advice would you give to buyers?

Our site always recommends survival independence which means that your goal should be to eliminated your dependence of the electrical grid, and convert to solar independence. With our free diy solar generator education,and Plug n Play Solar generators you have option!

How will New Technology change our lives in the future?

Solar independence frees you from the burden of the power company! This allows you to spend your hard earned money the way you see it to fit. With the economy, and the direction that were heading budgeting means everything!

Who is your target market?

Home owners, commercial, Schools, and basically anybody who wants to be energy efficient, and independently off the grid! With coal plants shutting down, and the cost of oil increasing, we as Americans must do our best and prepare for very hard times!

What is your business history?

I have been a survivor most of my life.I have a college degree in electronics,and with this degree I can provide the diy solar education at no cost to you.This is our websites 3rd yr ,and we are passionate in providing any survival education or products that someday may save you and or your families life style!

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