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Passion City Entertainment
United States - colorado springs
Our mission is to provide quality life changing entertainment. January 2014 Bizzle is back in Colorado for a concert with Amasiah of City Lights, & Armond at Calvary Worship Center. This is a concert you dont want to miss! Pre-sale tickets are $10 and $12 at the door on day of event.

What music inpired your group or band?

As Christ followers the entertainment field is a powerful platform on the front range. We want to use this as leverage to be a resource in our city for 20 and 30 somethings looking to get involved in what is going on in Colorado regionally. We will that we can offer this.

What types of music do your preform?

As a promotion company our dream is to bring in artist from every genre. However, we are beginning with Christian Hip hop. We are certainly not closed to other kinds of music. As of now, were focusing our efforts to bring quality music to the Colorado front range.

Do you have any advice for musicians?

Our advice would be to jump in to what you feel and sense you are called to do. This is a huge world with much opportunity. For us, we seen a need and said, how can we fill it. Music is a universal language and we fell its our responsibility to step up and step out.

Has your music been well received, tell us your success stories?

We are a new company and our desire is simple to provide quality life changing entertainment. There are artist such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Flame, Tedashi, Derek Minor, and so many more who are doing a great job and communicating truth music to a generation that is hungry for it.

What is your long term goal as an artist?

Our goal is a company is to become an established promotion company that can be fully trusted to bring quality truth music to the front range. A company where people can take pride in the various artist that we bring to the front range. it we can establish that kind of credibility then we will be off to a good start.

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Passion City ENT
Our mission is to provide quality life changing entertainment all along the front range. We dream of becoming an integral part of brining in artists, entertainers, and more who will be able to satisfy the need for a promotion company that you can trust.

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