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PCR America
United States - Auburn, Washington
Auburn, Washington

We want your New and Used Cartridges and Cell Phones

We will PAY 5% MORE than any other RECYCLING PROGRAM

We will sell for 5% LESS than any competitor

Free Shipping and Handling

We Want:
New and Used printer cartridges for-
Fax and Copier Cartridges
Used Cell Phones

Highest Prices Paid!

We pay:
Up to $50 each for New Printer Supplies
$5 each for Empty/Used LaserJet, Fax, or Copier Cartridges
$1 each for Empty/Used Ink Cartridges
$5 each for Used Cell Phones

We Sell:
New OEM and Compatible Cartridges for:
Inkjet Printers
LaserJet Printers
Fax Machines
And Copiers

Contact us for FREE recycling supplies for:
Containers and/or dispensers for your Cartridges and Cell phones


Why should people choose you?

We are the HIGHEST paying in the business. We will pay more than any competitor by 5%.

We also care about our environment. Our goal is to avoid having any printer cartridges end up in our landfills by purchasing them from businesses and consumers.

With your help we can achieve this goal.

Who are you targeting?

We are targeting everyone and anyone who has printer cartridges. Homeowners and business owners.
If you need a fundraiser, we have the package for you.
If you want the money to go to charity, we will donate it, in your name, to your charity of choice.
If you just want extra cash, we can help you out there too.

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Do you sell lexmark printers, and what price can I expect for a color one with Wi-Fi support in my home?

PCR America
Thank you very much for the question.
We neither sell or recycle printers. We do sell printer cartridges though, as well as recycle any emptys that you may have.
Thanks Again
PCR America "Free Advertising Online"