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Optate Deliberation
Canada - B.C.
Optate: Deliberation. Space Music for Studying.
- Psychedelic - Electronic - Ambient

A journey through the internal, eternal realm of mind.
Depths of frequencies, the probable realities heard through the weaving of paradigm. What we perceive in our contextual means created by time. Resounds upon our canvas of the void. The shadow reality of potentiality. This is as we are spun upon a sphere of our kind. As such we confide in our material existence as an entity upon our globe,
we see this life as our own, and find the nature of cosmos within. Our entropic perception of past, present, future.
Is time as a dimension with its dual and pivot as a trifecta.

What music inpired your group or band?

The album was inspired by the alienation of audio through media isolation, and the journey through the depths of ones mind. To perceive the fractal branches of cognition within.
To traverse this realm and see the subjectivity of the internal reality.

What types of music do your preform?

- Psychedelic - Electronic - Ambient -
The wavering of the full spectrum of perceivable sound.
Known as Psychill, or Psybient.

Do you have any advice for musicians?

Always pursue your personal objectives in life.
If audio creation is what you desire, then record every performance no matter how miniscule or grand.

Has your music been well received, tell us your success stories?

Its a tough road for musicians. Optate: Deliberation is not
in the public eye, as many ambient albums must find their audience in time.

What is your long term goal as an artist?

Success and the expression of the beauty of existence on the cosmic plane as an entity, equal and vast as any other.

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Business Owner's Profile
A.J. Edwards
Ambient musician and guitarist.
Graphics artist, 3d designer and animator.
Independent developer.
From B.C. Canada, self educated.
Many years practical experience.

Thanks to everyone for the support, and may you find that which you seek in life of your own accord.

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