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Midnight Garden Boutique
United States - Asheville
Midnight Garden in an online jewelry boutique. We have jewelry from renowned and emerging designers from all over the world. There is such a wide variety of pieces that there is something for everyone! The site is constantly being updated to keep our products fresh for our customers, so it is good to sign in every few days to see what has been added.

We are always looking for new boutique owners. If you like the site, and are interested in the business. Click on open boutique or contact Melissa on the site.

What inspired your internet business idea?

I love fashion and helping women and men feel, and look, more attractive. This is an easy business to start up (and totally free!). I could not pass up on the opportunity. The website and orders and taken care of by Kitsy Lane. I got to customize my site and pick out which products I wanted to sell.

How much traffic do you get to your site daily?

I just launched my site a little over a week ago. So far Ive had 40 people sign up as customers and 5 people as new boutique owners. Ive just got my business cards in the mail today. Im very excited to start spreading the word around!

What is your primary product or online service?

I sell necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and hair accessories. I have products for both men and women. I could just sell the pieces (which are wonderfully made, good quality items) or I can also sign up boutique owners underneath me and make a percentage of their profit.

What tech news gets you excited lately?

I am very excited that I can do a lot of my work from my new iphone. It helps me drastically to be able to update my site and check my emails while Im out running my errands around town. Im a very busy person, and anything that can make my life a little easier is a good thing!

What is your target market?

My target market is every woman who loves adding a little extra flair to her outfit... Or a woman who loves to be feminine, or loves to rock it out, or who has a special occasion where she wants to shine, or someone who just loves a piece of jewelry that speaks her personality for her....or someone like me, who can be all of the above at any given time.

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