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Kichose Business Solutions Pty Ltd
South Africa - Pretoria North
We are an ICT full-scale System Company. We dont have boundries when it comes to providing the right ICT solutions to your organization. We strive to lead in the creation of the ICT industry most advanced including: Information and Communication Technology Services, Security Management, New Media and Business Process Outsourcing.

What new technology articles do you recommend?

Web Based Help Desk: How much more effecient could your business be, if your helpdesk was available over the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Imagine if you have a web based help desk that gives you open all hours ality.

What advice would you give to buyers?

They need one powerful web based help desk that is going to save them money and a lot of time in administration by click of a button everything manageabale. A system that is easy to install and implemented and so simple for end users to access at ease...

How will New Technology change our lives in the future?

The answer lies in end-to-end transparency across production and all support processes. With full transparency, it will be possible to indentify the real sources of technology and adjust processes accordingly. It will help us to be foward-thinkers......

Who is your target market?

We believe that without economic growth, political liberty represents a shadow of what we designed to achieve. We are centered on capacity building training, development and partnership. Private companies, Government and Consumers are our targets

What is your business history?

We are dynamic enterprise, distinguished by our clear vision and foresight. We exclusively position to get our work right first time, providing a complete range of information and Communication Technology. We have expertise over the past three years.

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My Products / Services
ICT Services:

Equipments and Devices
Support and Maintenance
Consultancy and Professional Services
Infrastructure and Management Services
Server and Storage Services
Software Development
Web Development
Web Server Management
Help Desk Solutions
Network & Mobility Solutions
Unified Communication Solutions
Hosting and Cloud-Based Services
Broadband & Internet Services
VSAT and Wireless Services
Security Services
Technical Support Services
Virtualization & Workload Management

Security Management:

Offsite Monitoring
CCTV Systems
Alarm Systems
Access Control
Security Barriers

New Media:

Multimedia Production

Business Process Outsourcing:

Language Services
Content Engineering
Learning and Training
Package Application Services
Monitoring Solutions
Point of Sale (PoS) Retail System
Point of Sale (PoS) Hospitality System

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Mr. Pardon Mabunda
I started my business career in 2007, im a master piece of my universe. Playing a good important role in Kichose Business Solutions by my business management skills and good personality, iam known as a good leader around the net and a passionate person

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