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JE Sharpei Breeders
South Africa - Boksburg
J&E Sharpei Breeders started breeding excellent quality Shar Pei in 2005, and today we are the most popular and reputable breeders of Shar Pei in South Africa. Liza and Jaco van Vuuren are the proud owners of J&E Sharpei Breeders. We live for our Shar Pei family and they live for us.

Are you registered with any assosiation

We are registered with the South African Dog Breeders Association. - SADBA and all our puppies get registered, and inoculated. We screen our buyers, as we want our Shar Pei puppies to go to only the best homes.

Where did this animal come from?

Originated from the Southern provinces of China,from Kwung Tungs province. It helped to protect the families and homes and was an excellent dog fighter due to the loose skin. These dogs were virtually wiped out in China, but was luckily brought to the United States in the 1960s by businessman Matgo Law where they were used for breeding and was only recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1992.

Advice about good pet care?

Allergies are common to the Shar Pei but mainly due to bad management. Feeding the correct balanced dog food that does not contain any colourants and flavourants, as these are the main causes for skin allergies. Do not was the Shar Pei with any soap or shampoo, as this destroy the natural oil layer on the skin. Use only a product like Ectodex that is protecting and healing damaged skin.

Does this pet have any vaccinations?

It is important that vaccinations start with the parents. They MUST get all their annual vaccinations. The puppies must get all their required vaccinations prior to going to the new owner. It is the responsibility of the breeder to ensure that the new owner realise the importance of getting all the required future vaccinations.

How do people contact you?

Our marketing structure ensure that we are well presented all over the internet. We maintain various websites on a daily basis and ensure that we advertise daily to be in the face of potential Shar Pei buyers at all times. Hereby we now that any potential buyer buy the best available.

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What do your Sharpeis cost?

Jaco van Vuuren
Our Shar Pei puppies are selling at R3500.00 each,and we recommend that future buyers get listed on our waiting list to avoid disappointment. Contact us on or "Free Advertising Online"