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General Business Terms
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We have composed some general business terms you may need for your business major. We do hope this helps any students out there to better understand some of the many terms and definitions used in investment, credit, and coprorate business.

Calls for further investigation:

1. Demands additional research, warrants additional examination

Cash flow from investment activity:

1. Part of the cash flow report which details the movement of cash within the framework of investment of a business

Channel of investment:

1. Route through which one invests money, financial investment route

Criminal investigation department:

1. Division of Scotland Yard which researches crimes

Criminal investigation division:

1. Section in the police department that investigates crimes


1. Monthly American magazine that covers topics related to business investing and finance

Foreign investment:

1. Investment in a venture that is based in another country

Investment company:

1. Company that invests its resources in other businesses

Investment in infrastructure:

1. Investing of time and money into the essential elements which form the base of a system

Investments in infrastructure:

1. Investing of resources in the foundation of a system

Limited company:

1. Commercial company whose assets are separate from those of its stockholders, company whose stockholders are liable only for the sum they invested

Limited Liability Company:

1. Business or company organized in such a manner that its owners and shareholders are not personally liable for debts or other business liabilities (such as damages from lawsuits)


1. Public official who investigates citizens complaints against the government


1. Woman employed by a government or an institution in charge of hearing and investigating complaints and then attempt to resolve them

Optimal investment:

1. Condition in which the return from a business investment is equal to the interest rate of the economy

Trade and investment ban:

1. Prohibition on trade and investment, prohibition on engaging in commerce or investing money

Venture: The phrase at a venture was originally at venture, that is, at adventure.


1. Take a risk in order to achieve a goal

2. dare to express something (even in the face of possible opposition)

3. chance investing money in a risky but possibly lucrative business venture

Commercial credit:

1. Financial loan provided by one financial institution to another

2. agreement by a supplier to extend a clients payment time

Credit mobilizer:

1. A joint stock company, formed for general banking business, or for the construction of public works, by means of loans on personal estate.


1. One who credits, believes, or trusts. The easy creditors of novelties. Daniel.

2. One who gives credit in business matters

3. Hence, one to whom money is due.

4. Mutually related to debtor. Creditors have better memories than debtors.

Creditors meeting:

1. Meeting of those to whom payment is owed by a bankrupt or failing company

Trade credit:

1. Financial business from one business agent to a second

2. An agreement to allow a deferral of payment from a customer.


1. Cash payment to be made (by the purchaser) upon receipt of products or goods


1. Anything related to the economy, its economics, and finance.

2. British: Capable of being produced and sold for profits.

3. Economical: using the minimum "least possible" amount required, not wasting.

4. Economics: branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services.

5. Economist: A person who specializes "Devote oneself" in the field of economics.

Government fund:

1. Fund set up by the government to finance various causes

Monetary management:

1. Method used to change the level of activity in the economy by influencing the supply of money or interest rates, credit management

Monetary policy:

1. Policy of a country or central bank in regards to money, amount of involvement which a government has on the market activity by influencing the level of export

Total Cost of Ownership:

1. TCO, total amount of money required to own and maintain something


1. Place where funds or treasure are kept and distributed

2. funds kept in a treasury

Treasury management:

1. Management of finances, dealing with money, work of a treasurer

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