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Explore-A-Quest Interactive Series
United States - California
Explore-A-Quest is a choose your path interactive series where YOU, the reader, decide your destiny. Check out the website today!

Four Book Collection now available:

Have you ever had Writers Block?

Yes, of course, and to overcome it you must focus on your goal, writing. Only you can tell your story right, so you must focus on that.

What topics are of interest to you?

Interactive Stories, Sci-fi, fantasy

What inspires you as a writer?

I am inspired by interactive stories, and the questions What if?

Has this book been in any news articles?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch News

What has been your most popular book to date?

Explore-A-Quest - Channel U (Sci-Fi)

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Anthony Lampe
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Anthony Lampe
Anthony Lampe lives in California with his wife and children. He is the creator of the Explore-A-Quest series and the author of Channel U, Once Human, Ariona: The Bounty Hunter, & Hunk and the Hydra.

As an author, Anthony loves telling stories that captivate readers and inspire their imaginations. His favorite genres to write are Sci-fi, Fantasy, Fairytale, and Picture Books.

Explore-A-Quest website:

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The Explore-A-Quest books are selling well,and are featured in over 30 libraries in California. The books include: Channel U, Once Human, Missing Money of Altevia,

Book Lover
Nice concept, similar to some video games, have you sold a lot of them?

Anthony Lampe
The Explore-a-Quest books are selling well,and are featured in over 30+ libraries in California. The books thus far include: Channel U, Once Human, Missing Money of Altevia, & Peacemaker: The Absorbing Rock.

Here is the official website: explore-a-quest

Thank you,

Anthony Lampe
Explore-A-Quest - Creator Writer
Anthony Lampe
This is a very high-concept interactive series that will do very well on the market. In order for this series to be launched, the fundraiser needs to be a success.

If you love the concept of the series and would like to see it reach the market, please consider supporting the series. Any pledges and contributions will be appreciated, and there are many rewards as well. You can receive all 3 launch titles, get your name in the thank you section of the eBooks, and even have one of the stories dedicated to you. projects 150147713 explore-a-quest-interactive-series "Free Advertising Online"