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Contractors Insurance NW
United States - All of Washington
We always provide the most competitive rates and coverage the industry has to offer to all types of contractors. Free Certificates of insurance with same day turn around time. All of our carriers deal ONLY with contractors, so call us today for your competitive rate quote! 360-556-6566.

What insurance quotes are too high for your industry?

Different insurance carriers cater to different classes of business and have different niches they go after. Because we deal with only contractors and dont metal with other kinds of risks, we only quote businesses we are competitive with.

How can people avoid paying too much insurance and be covered?

By having an Agent who is willing to sit down and visit a policy line by line with you and examine each piece of coverage to ensure two things: one, that everything you are being covered for you need and two, to make sure that the things you need to be covered for arent excessively covered (if you have a $20,000 tools limit but you only have $10,000 worth of tools, why pay for the extra $10,000?)

What mistakes do people make when getting insurance?

In the contracting industry, too many people shop on price alone. Now price is important, but when your general contractor needs a certificate of insurance naming them as primary non-contributory additional insured and a completed operations endorsement, and they need it today to cut your check, are you sure your policy has those forms available, and are you sure your insurance agent can get those for you today? We can.

What type of insurance are you offering?

As we stated before, we cover all types of contractors, including the more hard to place risks like roofing, sand blasting and pressure washing. We also cover risks that have a history of claims. Often, clients with big losses in the last find that our Contractors Only approach to writing insurance saves them THOUSANDS over the other guys!

What are the costs and fees are involved?

We dont have any charges that arent normally associated with a contractors liability policy. Often, however, we find that the down payment required to start a policy is more than the monthly payment, but to help business owners deal with this we accept credit cards, debit cards and checks to make starting the policy more of an easy process. Most agencies only accept checks.

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Thanks, how would your company make sure I dont pay too much, I often take out a policy only to find out it does not cater for what I need and it gives me benefits I will never use.

Abe Boling
Thanks for your question! If you were to call us, I would first look over your current policy and see if there is a way to modify it to fit what you need. If that wasnt possible or practical, we would send you out to market and shop you among only the companies who offer what youre looking for, then choose the most competitive price. "Free Advertising Online"