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Blue Mountain Rush
Canada - McBride BC
I have been songwriting for most of my life, and have just recently started to record my songs. I play all the instruments. I hope your find my music up-lifting, thought provoking, mesmerising, and above all, inspiring. Please check out my website with some free downloads. its an absolute pleasure to share my music with you, from the mountains.

What music inpired your group or band?

I enjoy playing Bluegrass , Folk , Country. I enjoyed listening to Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs, Nitty gritty Dirt band, Earl Scruggs review, Ricky Scaggs, Jacson browne, and most seventies and eighties music. I like the blend of electric music combined with acoustical instruments.

What types of music do your preform?

Bluegrass , Folk Country it depends upon the venue. sometimes at jam sessions I musician has to play whatever everyone else is playing, and in doing so, enjoy and compliment what the others musicians are playing.

Do you have any advice for musicians?

Believe in yourself, and play music that has positive messages. although some of my lyrics are thought provoking, they always lead a listener to a positive conclusion. In writing in this sort of style gives me a good feeling that I have contributed something good that some individual may benefit from.

Has your music been well received, tell us your success stories?

Blue Mountain Rush Is having a steady growth of fans. It has started slow, but as more and more people discover the music, many folks are appreciating the lyrics also.It has also received Provincial air play.

What is your long term goal as an artist?

My goal as an artist is to spread music that has a positive message. I am hoping to build an audience that keeps looking forward to my next Cds. as long as someone is getting positive reactions from my music, I will continue to write.

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Brad Strang
I’ve been a songwriter for many years, and I arrange and play all the instruments on my recordings. My style can often blend a wide range of genres, including the acoustics of folk and bluegrass, mixed with a hard driving percussion and electric guitar… or just about anything else that stirs the soul. My lyrics range from humorous, to thought provoking, and are always intended to be positive, for a global audience. I am passionate about inspiring the goodness in people.
It’s a privilege to share my music with you!
Brad Strang

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