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Bass Trap Acoustic Panels
United States - Los Angeles
Part 1

Acoustic Panels are sound absorption panels that absorb and control sound within rooms. Bass Traps are a type of acoustic panel that absorbs low end sound. A Bass Trap, when properly designed has a moderate amount of mass or weight to it. Lightweight materials such as acoustic foam dont work as bass traps because they have no weight to them. Some companies call their panels bass traps when they are made out of acoustic foam. And it is impossible for them be so unless somehow they have figured out how to defy the law of physics. Foam is only good for high end and upper mid frequency absorption not for low end absorption.

Play a low E on the Bass and that E string has a sound wave that from one peak to one dip is over 27 feet long. Thats an enormous amount of energy that needs to be absorbed and controlled. Properly designed Acoustic Panels absorb the low E on a Bass and absorb much lower as well.

An ideal material of choice is Roxul Safe Insulation. John Hunter Acoustics uses Roxul Safe Insulation for our Bass Trap Acoustic Panels. Why? Roxul has the required density needed to absorb Bass Frequencies. But not only is it good for absorbing Bass Frequencies, it is also great for absorbing highs and mids as well. Roxul Safe is made of stone fibers and is fire, mold, and water resistant.

Then there is the Fabric. The fabric has to be acoustically transparent for the Roxul to be effective at high end frequencies. We use double layered 100% Polyester Fabric that has about 25 pinholes per square inch. By using this fabric, sound travels through the fabric and into the Roxul insulation where it is absorbed. Fabrics that shouldnt be used are Canvas and tight grained fabrics, unless you only want to absorb low end frequency. But for most purposes an all broadband Bass Trap is the best solution.

Here at John Hunter Acoustics our Bass Trap Acoustic Panels are designed to be all broadband Panels. They absorb the highs, mids, and the lows. We use Roxul Safe insulation in our 4, 6, and 8 thick Panels. By using Roxul Safe Insulation and Acoustically transparent Polyester fabric we build a highly effective Bass Trap.

We also build 2 thick Acoustic Panels which are much better then Acoustic Foam because they still have much more mass too them. But they are high end and midrange absorbers of sound. We call our 2 thick Acoustics Panels Midrange Panels. You place them on your walls to control reverb and flutter echo.

Part 2
Why do you need Bass Trap Acoustic Panels?

The reason you need them is that you want to hear the sound from your speakers. Huh? In a room without Sound Absorption you hear whats coming out of your speakers, the sound hitting your walls and then your ears at a delayed time, the sound hitting the ceiling then your ears at a delayed time, then all of the hundreds of other places where the sound is reflecting and then hitting your ears. Since sound travels at over 740 mph its hitting a whole lot of surfaces in your room causing sound to be amplified and cancelled.

Bass Trap Acoustic Panels are necessary because of all these delayed reflections. You need to tame these out of control reflections by absorbing them. By placing Bass Trap and Acoustic panels in the critical areas, you will hear the sound as it should sound, without the walls, floor, and ceiling interfering.

For more about placement advice scroll down to my article 8 Critical Points and Placement Advice

Or more about the myths about foam scroll down to The Myth about Acoustic Foam

What inspired your Online Business?

In 2007 I learned about Bass Traps. A friend and I installed them in each others studio and I figured I could design and build better Acoustic Panels then the ones I bought. So I started buying a lot of recording studio design construction books. I bought some Acoustical engineering books. Through these books and cross checking my knowledge with forums and other online resources I was able to understand the laws of acoustics and weed out any false information about other companies products.

How many visitors do you get daily?

10-30. Recording Engineers, Mixing Engineers, Studio Musicians, Musicians with a home studio in their apartments, Movie Studios, and even Yoga and Exercise studios. . My business is mainly focused in Los Angeles where most of my clients are.

Did you attend any Online Business schools or courses?

No I dont attend any online business schools. I attended and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a B.A. in Professional Music. At Berklee I was a Guitar, Acoustics, Music Business Major.

What are your long term goals for this site?

Become the premier website for Acoustic knowledge and Acoustic Treatment. And also to help musicians understand the importance of Acoustics to improve recording quality, efficiency, and technique.

What is your most popular product / service?

The 4 Thick Bass Trap Acoustic Panel. It is the standard Panel that works best for most projects. It does this by being an all broadband absorber of sound. In other words it absorbs highs, mids, and lows.

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Peter Barker
Nice offer, I will visit your site

Jonathan Pond John Hunter
Sounds great. On my website there is a lot of info about placement advice, why foam doesnt work or its myths, and its really easy to order.

Just click on products page and all of the products are there.
Are these the type of panels you could install in a sound recording studio? What would it cost to install.

Jonathan Pond
Yes we install all of our panels in recording studios around the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our rate is $57.00 per hour for two installers.

Here is a link to some of our studio installs

https: pages John-Hunter-Acoustics 105537749545650 "Free Advertising Online"