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Barter Fence End Spacer
United States - Southern/ Lucedale
We are the only source of this new fence product. You cant find them in stores like most products offered by companies you see on search engines.
Manufacturing & Sales of the New U.S. Patent#8490287 Barter Fence End Spacer, our spacers are designed to fill the gap opening between a chain link fence end post and a house or other structure. Our spacer provide the means to safely secure a fenced in yard for your Children and Pets.Available for standard galvanized & color coated chain link fencing.

Why should people choose you?

The Fence End Spacers (Pat.#8490287) are new to the market and made available to consumers at our web site (,we have received our patent issuing date of 07/23/13. Our spacers are available for residential and commercial fencing requirements, can be installed with regular galvanized and vinyl color coated chain link fence.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

As a fence contractor, we discovered that there was a requirement for a product that would solve the growing problems associated with the installation of an end post next to a house,so we designed and applied for patent protection to provide our own customers with a secure and safe fence for their children and pets.

Do you have advice about starting a business?

The success of starting a business, is to know the business your in, having experience in your chosen area of business is a plus, also to provide quality serve or products with customer satisfaction being your number one priority.Treat your staff as key team members and not just as hired help,these valued company representatives are your front line and the face of your company that the customers is most likely to remember.

Who are you targeting?

Our main target will be the growing number of Do-it yourself home improvement Enthusiasts. Our goal is to get our product into large home improvement and hardware chain stores to make our product more readily available for purchase.
Our secondary target market will be that of Fence Contractors who require a quality product to complete the job properly and gain customer satisfaction.

Do you have any customer reviews?

We have been field testing and installing our Patent U.S.#8490287 Fence End Spacers with our own customer base and are selling our spacers online, shipping across the USA.We have received a number of testimonials from our Customers who love how our product for how it completes and complements the over all job. They also feel more secure and relaxed knowing that there are no gap openings to worry about and that the fence is providing complete security for their children and pets.

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Robert Barter
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4 Ft Fence End Spacer
4ft. Barter Fence End Spacer is the most popular.Most home owners install chain link fence to enclose their back yards.We know how you would feel if our pet got out and was hurt or lost. With proper installation of centering the end post in the post hole for cementing, there remains a gap opening. The required post hole diameter for a standard 2 3/8 inch chain link fence post is 10 to 12 inches at the top of the post hole and tapered outwards for an additional 4 inches in diameter at the bottom of the hole. This would provide for a gap opening between the fence end post and the house or other structures to be large enough for small pets to escape or gain access. This gap opening problem may be compounded by other hidden underground obstructions such as foundation footings, buried plumbing and electrical lines. The Barter Fence End Spacer solves this problem of spacial gap openings for standard and vinyl coated chain link fencing.

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Business Owner's Profile
Robert Barter
I worked in fabrication for over 40 years and have several trade certifications. Now I am ready for retirement and spending time with my Grand Children.
Visit to see our patented product email
So We are actively seeking a license agreement for this new Patent Product. If we dont license our product to a manufacturer we will continue to manufacture our fence end spacers and consider a partnership to maximize our market. We are also on eBay

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We will be filling orders starting September 9,2014
Hello AND YES WE CAN FIX THE GAP BETWEEN YOUR GATE AND POST You can go to our site Right now We are closed till SEPT 8 2014 send us your Email address and we will get back to you when we get back in our office
Great business. ggood luck

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