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Baby Mini Rex and Lionhead Bunnies
United States - Citrus County
They have all been handled since they were born. I have 2 litters that are old enough to be bought now. I have a litter of 4 blue eyed white lionheads that you can get in time for Christmas. All Mini Rexes are fair quality. All rabbits are purebred. They love kids, and love attention. Great pets. All are completely healthy. All of the parents are on the property.

What mistakes do people make with animals

They will not realize the proper diet they need. Rabbits need to have hay at all times. If you have a lionhead, or another rabbit with long fur they will need both the regular hay and timothy hay, which helps prevent fur balls. They also need to have time to roam and need to have a variety of fruits and vegetables, but there are many that they cannot have so you need to be careful to not give them certain fruits and vegetables. Also, too many fruits and vegetables can be bad for a rabbit because they have weak stomachs and can get sick easy.

Have you studied any animal certifications?

I have not studied animals in a way to get a degree, but I am in 4H, I am the treasurer there. I have had rabbits since I was 7. I have researched online and taken to other rabbit breeders and pet owners to make sure that I understand the best options for my rabbits.

What is your favourite pet?

Rabbits are my favorites, theres so much variety in the breed. They come big, little, with short or long fur and with ears up or down. They also have great personalities. They love to sit in your lap, you can take them on walks (any local pet store should carry a harness) and they are easy to train many tricks: including litter box training.

How has your product / service been received?

All of my rabbits are either picked up or delivered. I do not ship animals. I want to make sure that they go to a good home, so I make sure to meet and talk with every prospective buyer. I am located in sassa, Fl. My contact information is all avaiable online. I am willing to meet halfway if I am a little out of the way.

How long have you been in business?

I got my first rabbit when I was in the second grade, 10 years ago. I started my own rabbit breeding business one year ago. I still have the first doe I started with, who currently has a litter of 8 for sale. I also have a petigree for the mini rex breeding pair I used to have (mother died, dad was sold) who are the parents of one of my mini rexes who is pregnant.

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Baby Bunnies
I have 3 mini rexes that are 4 weeks old. 2 are black and white, the other is albino. I also have 8 lionhead bunnies, who were born at the same time as the mini rexes. All are mostly tan. One is torte colored. Some have black or brown in their fur. They are healthy and they love attention. All the mini rexes should be show quality. I do not have any show quality lionheads for sale right now (but I have a new litter from a doe who typically has show quality litters and another doe that is due in a few days). Lots of colors. All rabbits have been handled by children. The lionheads can still easily sit in the palm of your hand, the mini rexes are about twice that size.

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I would love to come and look at you lionheads. Can we please pick a time to meet. I am available Friday and Saturday. "Free Advertising Online"