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All My Love, Detrick
United States - Ft Lauderdale
All My Love,Detrick, A love story based during the holocaust, that follows a German Family and a Jewish family will be free on Amazon in kindle format on October 15th.This is a heartwrenching tale of a love that prevails against enormous odds. It has ranked at #2 in all of Amazon and at #1 in Historical Romance.

Have you ever had Writers Block?

Ive never had writers block, thank goodness. I only write when the ideas are coming very strong.

What topics are of interest to you?

I am intereted in topics that relate to the human condtion, things we have in common as human beings, feelings of love, anger, betrayal but most of all hope. The title of my first novel is A Flicker of Light, because even in the darkest hour there is always a flicer of light.

What inspires you as a writer?

When I was a child books were my salvation. When things got bad at home, which they often did, I turned to reading. Novels had the power to carry me away. Now, as a writer, I try to do that same thing for my readers. It is a privledge that I do not take lightly.

Has this book been in any news articles?

My novel has not been in any news articles that I am aware of. It has, however,been the subject of many articles on the internet.

What has been your most popular book to date?

My most popular novel so far has been All My Love, Detrick, however, A Flicker of Light, and The Heart of a Gypsy, are quickly gaining in popularity as well. I am very blessed, that the readers have been receptive to my work. It is an honor.

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