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Gold3X provides market timing signals for buy and selling gold etfs. Our system provides profits when the price of gold both rises and falls. All members are have access to our signals which are updated daily and provides specific instructions on which gold etf to buy and when to sell it. Our performance results are listed on the website for all visitors to review.

What advice do you have about Investment?

Investment is for the long term. You must be prepared to ride out the ups and downs of the markets. Plan and invest for the long term, using discipline and a strategy for investing. learn to block out all the noise from daily gyrations of the markets.

What do people do wrong with money?

Most people react emotionally to market factors, being either too greedy or acting out of fear, causing most people to buy at the wrong time and sell at the wrong time. This is where discipline and having a sound strategy come in. Only then will you be able to ride the ups and downs in the market to consistent profits.

How do you formulate a good plan for your future?

Educate yourself and gain experience. Expect to experience some losses. Nobody wins them all. But with a good plan, your winning trades and investment should be larger than your losses.

Explain the term Investment diversification?

Investment diversification means allocating your investment fund into different asset categories. It is sort of a dont put all your eggs in one basket philosophy to protect your portfolio from big losses. Different asset classes rise and fall at different times. Diversification balances your portfolio to avoid big losses.

What did you actually study?

My background includes communications, business and psychology courses. In addition, I have obtained a life insurance license, as well as a Series 7 brokers license while working for a brokerage firm. With over 25 years of trading in the markets, my experience has taught me how to navigate the markets.

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