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Blue Seal Auto Repair Inc.
United States - Hollywood
Blue Seal Auto Repair Inc. - We are a new ASE certified mom & pop auto repair shop in Hollywood, with 10 years of experience. We offer great service to all our customers. We offer great discounts all year long for senior citizens, military families, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, nurses, & teachers.

What are some good motor car investments?

If you are buying a vehicle for investment, the best thing is go for Antique vehicles. If you find 1 that needs to be restored, you may find it real cheap, then you need to find a credible vehicle restoration shop. Always check references. of course doing it yourself is a lot of fun.

What cars are the best value for money?

In my opinion the best, most economical vehicles out there are: Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, these vehicles if well maintained will last you for a very long time. Just remember when buying a vehicle, depending on how much you drive gas is a big factor.

Can you explain how a motor car actually works?

First: Intake stroke, the pistons move up, taking air into the cylinder, through the open intake valves, as the fuel injects. Second: compression stroke with all the valves closed the piston comes back up compressing the fuel & air mixture. compressing the mixture gives you better power.

What is your history in business?

I have been working on vehicles from the age of 14, I have always had a love for mechanic work. I have seen that their are just a few honest, and trust worthy mechanics out there, so I knew it was my calling. I became ASE certified, & went at it. I have to admit, the best advertising you could do, is do a great job, be honest, & word of mouth gets you a lot of great customers.

What motor car news excites you most?

I like them all, its always great to see what new, and improved vehicles, or ideas they are coming up with. Also when the new ideas come out, as a mechanic you do have to take a lesson, learning the new vehicles is very exiting, very rewarding. I love my job, and it shows.

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My Products / Services
Auto Repair Service
We preform all types of repair services, from engine restoration, or replacing a new engine. We also offer engine maintenance services, from regular oil changes, to synthetic, & high mileage. Tune ups, flushes for radiators, engine, & more. We offer what we like to call your "Road trip checklist" we will check everything from fluids, tires, engine, brakes, axels, anything, and everything that could make your trip a safe 1.

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Business Owner's Profile
I am a ASE certified mechanic, who is big on honesty, & being loyal to my customers. But I am also a family man. I have a wife, who is a big part of my life, & business. She works right along side me, & has for years. I have 3 great kids, Andrew 23, Samantha 15, & Franky Jr 6, we also have our 1 year old baby, Bear, our rotti, & lola our cat. Im not a rich man when it comes to money, but I am a rich man when it comes to love, & family.

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