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TurtShell Treasures
United States - Mount Airy
TurtShell Treasures - Here on TurtleShell Treasures, we have a variety of different items to choose from. We have different style of clothing for men women and children. Shoes for men women and children. Toys, electronics and activewear. A wide variety of bags for men and women. A collection of cosmetics and a maternity products. Subscribe with your email and receive a 5% discount on your first purchase. Come check out TurtleShell Treasure and find your treasure today!

Tell us about your retail store?

I sell a wide variety of products for men, women and children. I update my products just about everyday and try to find something that will appeal to anyone. With email subscriptions, you will stay updated on discounted and low stock items. Everyone will find their treasure.

What market are you targeting

Anywhere betwwen the ages of 12 to early to mid 30s. I post up-to-date, popular clothing and bags. I notice that a lot of people prefer to use Apple IPhones so I try to put a lot of products that will be conveinient and attractive to all IPhone users.

What is your most sold product?

I dont really have any sales yet becuase I am just starting and need more advertisement to get my site out there, but I think that things along the lines of crop-tops, make-up, womens activewear, and jewelry. Those items seem to capture the most interest and sell the best on other sites and in stores.

Have you been in any news articles or press?

No, I have not because I am just starting and need more advertisement so I can make more sales. I have shared multiple times on Facebook and Twitter and have a GoFundMe page. I would like to be in a news article or on a blog for more advertisement and to reach more people.

Do you have any customer reviews?

N/A because I have just launched my website and have not yet made any sales. For these reasons, I have come to this website in hopes of reaching out to more poeple so I can start making sales and getting customer reviews. I do, however have seven email subscribers that pay atttention to the updates that I make to my site.

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My Products / Services
Over 100 products and counting. Items for men, women and children. Tablets, laptops and computer accessories. Activewear, shoes a wide collection of bags for any occasion. Maternity products such as pillows and clothing for the mother and the baby. Jewelry for men and women as gifts, or a way to treat yourself.

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