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Prosidium-Background Vetting Screening
South Africa - Gauteng
At PROSIDUIM our aim is to offer employers & employees a reliable, innovative, cost effective, professional and simplified solution for their background screening/vetting including Investigation Services & Risk Management Solutions.
We are a company focused on Identity Solutions. We aim to prove, either through identity checks, authentication measures and or biometrics that the person you are in contact with is in fact the correct individual. Whether face-to-face or non-face-to-face interactions.
"Using Biometric Autentication to Elavate Enterprise and Individual Security"

What is your business history?

Our team have extensive experiance in the talent aqusition market as well as in the field of Forensic Investigations.
We use state of the "Real Time Biometrics" to help our clients identify and know thier employees.
We provide investigative and Risk Mangment Solutions incorporating a Virtual Office Assistant Service.

Any advice for buyers?

All our Background Vetting and Screening Checks are done witin the frame work of Varuios Goverment Legislations such as the POPI ACT.
Our Vendours that we use are accredited Vendours. It is important that clients are protected when requesting our services.

Do you have any product guarantees?

All our results requested by our clients are treated with the utmost confedentiality.

Our DATA is stored in accordance with local and international legislalation regarding DATA storage.

Investigation outcomes and reports are discussed with the client.

What is your history in the industry?

Our Team have 28 years plus experiance in the field of staff recuruitment and backround checks within the corporate environment.
The team also have extensive Risk Mangemnt and Forensic Investigation Experience including business administration experance.

What kinds of jobs do you take on?

Our services cater for small to medium size businesses.
Restaurants- Know your Waiter.
Home Owners- Know your Domestic.
Estate Agents- Know your Tennents.
Criminal Checks/Credit Bureau checks/Drivers license (PDP) and qualification checks.
Our team will also conduct Investigations for local and International clients who are or feel they might be victims of "scams" including Forensic Investigations.
We also offer a professional Virtual Office Assistant Service for Local and International Clients.

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My Products / Services
Mobile Real-Time Biometric Verification
we have an that app allows you to verify an individuals identity in real-time against the NPR by matching the individuals RSA ID number to their Fingerprints and returning the corresponding ID and photo proving their identity.

This app is suitable for Field Investigators and businesses that need to verify IDS on the go.

Our vendor is accredited contact us for more details.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
I have 28 years plus experience in the Risk Management environment in South Africa. I started my business Prosiduim as I realized the need for a effective and professional Background Vetting and Screening Service. I aim to grow my business by offering cost effective and ethical business Risk Solutions for both Local and International Clients.

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