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Nutrition Conference 2018
New Zealand - Auckland
Nutrition Conference 2018 - The 27th World Congress on Diet, Nutrition and Obesity is being organized at Auckland, New Zealand on the 7th and 8th of September and we would like to invite you to participate as a Speaker or Delegate.

The list of highlights for our congress are:

Nutrition and Balanced Diet
Epidemiology of Obesity
Health Risks of Obesity
Pediatric Nutrition
Maternal Nutrition
Relevance of Clinical Nutrition
Diet and Obesity
Health Implications of Processed Food
Food Technology and Nutrition
Nutrigenomics and Research
Food allergies and intolerances
Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals and Functional Food
Obesity and Psychiatric Disorders
Urbanization, Lifestyle Changes and Nutrition Transition
Epidemiology of Malnutrition
Eating Disorders
Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Obesity Treatment and Management
Market Research on Nutrition
Food Borne Illnesses and Food Safety Methods

Visit our website to download the Congress brochure and register at the earliest as limited slots are available. Interested speakers, submit your abstracts at our abstract submission page.

What diets work, and what diets should people avoid?

A balanced diet is the best one. Consuming the same type of food everyday should be avoided. A balanced diet regimen gives the body required nutrition. The prerequisites for a balanced diet can be met from an assortment of plant and animal based foods. A healthy eating regimen provides the necessary energy and nutrition without causing any toxic effects and extra weight gain from consuming more food than required by the body. Balanced Diet and nutritional food help in reducing the risks of various chronic disorders like obesity, heart diseases, cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Any adivce for a person with regards to their health?

Follow a balanced diet which includes food with all the necessary nutrients. Avoid processed food as much as possible. A healthy balanced diet with a proper exercise regimen will help the people suffering from obesity to lose weight at a proper and steady pace. It also helps in boosting their overall health by inducing energy and immunity.

What foods are considered harmful?

Eating processed food on a regular basis will have side effects on our health. Processing the food will remove the necessary nutrients from the food leaving an item with low calories and very less nutrient value. The additives present in processed food are thought to compromise our bodys normal ing and are found to cause high blood pressure and cancer.

Can you give any good diet plans?

A Balanced Diet and good nutrition is very important to maintain healthy and good body mass index and reduce the extra fat stored in our bodies, provide required energy, for obtaining good sleep and also to make a person feel better. A person following a good eating regimen is likely to get subjected to sickness. A balanced diet involves having an eating plan which contains different types of food stuff and not eating more of food that has been processed but consuming more of natural food items.

What do most people struggle with when on a diet?

Due to the onset of urbanization the fresh market source is disappearing and more of processed food is being utilized by the public. High increase in the consumption of dairy and poultry is also seen throughout the world. Due to such transitions in the diet several negative health implications are seen in in the public due to the presence of harmful components in food like pesticide, antibiotic residues and chemical fertilizers.

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Nutrition Conference 2018 Abstract Submission
Submit your abstract for the 27th World Congress on Diet, Nutrition and Obesity. It should give a basic idea about your topic of presentation. The template for the abstract submission is available at our official website.

Submit your research work abstract and register for the conference as a Speaker/Delegate now to avail Early Bird discounts on accommodation and registration and get published in Obesity and Nutrition Journals. To know more download the brochure for Diet Congress 2018.

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Brooke Hendricks
Im Brooke Hendricks, the Program Manager for the 27th World Congress on Diet, Nutrition and Obesity which is going to be held at Auckland, New Zealand on the 7th and 8th of September 2018.

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