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Jobs For Unemployed Mature Americans Age 55
United States - Montgomery/Delware
Jobs For Unemployed Mature Americans Age 55+ - Are you 55+? Are you Unemployed? Do you need additional work experience or skills training?
Call: Michael Sunderville at (610) 557-0199 to see if you qualify for this Federally funded SCSEP.
[Current openings in Montgomery, Delaware, & Chester, PA Counties]
Get paid to look for employment and/or gain new work skills.

Do you have any tips for job seekers?

Yes. Finding a good job is a job in and of itself. Getup early and plan your day, Set daily goals. Set short-term and long-term goals/benchmarks. Involve a close friend in the process as a "job-coach" and helper. Hold yourself accountable to goals/benchmarks. Tenacity pays off. Carpe Diem!

How can a person improve their skills for this position?

Never stop educating yourself in the necessary skill sets. Seek assistance from friends, family, and local Church. Get out the "books" and re-learn what youve been doing. Research your field of work and learn any new, modernized aspects of the job. Seek understanding as to managements needs.

What tips can you provide any applicants?

You will hear more "NOs" than "YESs" do not be discouraged by it. For, the more "Nos" you hear, the closer you are to a "Yes." Be preapred for the lows" and "false highs" of job search.
Create a portfolio on & of yourself (include achievements, projects, pictures of projects/jobs, prints, trade documentations, etc.), and have it ready for presentastion.

What responsibilities does the job have?

Timeliness and ability to meet work schedules. Ability to communicate professionally with the public and other employees. Basic PC skills and bilities. Willingness to learn new skills and work s. Accountability to company and its service(s) mission(s). a "smiling" personality and nature.

What information do you have about the employer?

I am the employer. Over 30 years of experience in the field of career developement and job-readiness services. The program is funded through a Federally funded DOL SCSEP grant awarded to The Work Place non-profit. Participants must qualify for the program.

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My Products / Services
Career Services for Mature Americans
We Pay You While You:
Receive Career Consulting
Develop your employment-search related documents
Consult with career placement professionals
Design your IEP
Learn new relevant job skills
Gain "On-The-Job" experience
Go to job interviews
Attend job-search/employment-related Job Fairs, Networking, etc.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
I am a career counselor who helps/assists individuals in obtaining quality life-sustaining employment in career fields they wish to work in. I specialize in assisting mature American s age 55+ find employment. I also specialize in assisting terminated and/or layed-off workers transition to new careers.

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