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Feather Fabulous Birds
United States - Matawan
Feather Fabulous Birds - Feather Fabulous Birds is not just a bird store…its an experience. Our location and atmosphere is unmatched by any other bird store. Our goal is to provide our customers an environment that is relaxing and fun. We are not striving to be the biggest store on the East-Coast, but we strive to be the BEST. This is why all of our babies are well socialized, step-up for everyone and are even-tempered. Our babies are in clean cages with lots of toys and are given a healthy diet including pellets, a seed mix, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables.No other bird store will make you feel at home like we do. At Feather Fabulous we view parrots as members of the family. We do not believe in fast, high- pressure sales but in matching up the right bird with the right owners as you are making a lifelong commitment. Together with our team members we would like your visit to our store be both, enjoyable and educational. Simply in and take a look around. View the birds, the toys, the food the cages, miscellaneous items, and learn of the services we have to offer. Decide for yourself if this is the store you would like to call your home away from home.

Tell us about your retail store?

Hand fed baby hook bill birds, Hand-fed English Budgies, Color bred canaries, Toucans, bird toys (700) and still counting. Wing and nail clipping, beak descaling and boarding. Bulk Breeder discounts featuring Abba, Goldenfeast, Higgins. Breeder Quality Fresh Organic Nutritious Diets so your feathered companion stay healthy at lower prices than the big box stores. Thousands of bird supplies such as toys, grooming products, cleaning products, vitamins, treats, cages and more from your favorite brands A&E Cage Co, Kings Cages, Prevue Hendrix, Polly Pastel, Super bird creations, Perky Parrot, Zoomax, Pink Parrot, Natra Pet, Avian Specialties, Abba products and much more

What market are you targeting

pet owners, exotic bird owners, parrot owners, bird entusiast, people who like parrots, conure owners, budgie owners, finch owners, cockatiel owners, people looking to buy bird food, supplies, treats, toys, breeding supplies, cages, accessories and all things bird related

What is your most sold product?

ABBA Products, Kings Cages, A&E Cages, Nutri-berries, Zoomax, Polly Pastel, Goldenfeast, Harrisons, Zupreem, Cockatiels, Budgies, Macaws, Amazons, Senegals, Finches, Parakeets, Canaries, Cockatoos, Toucans, Sun Conures, Green Cheek Conures, Rosey Bourkes, and more

Have you been in any news articles or press?

No we have not been in any news articles or press releases

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