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Cuties By Zootys
Australia - Clermont
Cuties By Zootys - Cuties by Zootys is your one-stop solution for a wide variety of Hi-Vis Clothing which is ideally suited for your kids to play outside. Find the best kids hi-vis shirts, childrens Onesies including contrast collars, reflective stripes, buttoned pockets and much more. Visit now...

This week we stumbled upon a great new concept: kids hi vis clothing by Cuties by Zootys ( Their extensive selection of unique kids clothing includes workshirts, workpants, overalls & coveralls, and even work belts! Cuties by Zootys workwear helps children understand what parents do for a living, encourages safe work and play, and helps emulate their heroes.

What clothing looks are popular at the moment?

Kids hi vis clothing is the best option to keep children safe. These are the perfect clothes to wear during occasions such as working out on the farm, playing in the backyard, walking near traffic since it will enable everyone to be aware that your child is there and clearly visible.

What is your most popular product?

Cuties by Zootys Hi Viz Work Shirts for Kids

When Esther was little (not yet walking), I sometimes took her to work with me. It was the days when my mum was unable to look after her and I knew that I was working in the home of someone I knew or who wouldnt mind me bringing her along. (I never took her to a construction site!) I wished that I could have dressed Esther in her own cotton drill shirt just for fun. I didnt think that there were any companies that would make kids tradie clothes until I found Cuties by Zootys on Facebook.

I bought a Hi Viz Pink shirt for Esther and as soon as I showed her she couldnt wait to put it on to look like mummy. To drive the point home, she decided to look through my tool bag or as she likes to call them ‘mummys toys.

What is your history in the industry?

Registered From: 26 Sep 2012,... Our clothing is creating stronger bonds between children and parents. It has helped relieve separation anxiety when parents are away from home. These designs also have the potential to build confidence and boost kids self-worth through creative exploration and role play. With the addition of our Zooty Bear we have seen an increase in childrens ability to understand parents working and leaving home, and also in their ability to be OK about it happening.

In addition to being fun for everyday wear, our range also serves as essential kids camping gear. High visibility is very important for dark campsites where it can be difficult to supervise children at night time. Its also the ideal kids outdoor clothing for any activity where regular clothes just arent up to the job, whether its BMX riding or playing in the mud or any of those other messy activities kids love!

We trust you will enjoy your stay here and find something for the little workers in your life. If you need any help please dont hesitate to contact us.

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My Products / Services
Orange Navy Hi Viz Work Shirt
Do your kids love to get outside and work with you?

Then Cuties By Zootys Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirts, are the perfect answer to help your kids work hard safely everyday!

Not only will your kids LOVE being just like you, you can rest assured that your helping them understand safe working practices not only in the yard, on a property, camping, fishing, but also when they are just riding their bikes. With a Cuties By Zootys Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirt your helping them understand how to be safe in numerous situations.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are wanting multiple size shirts of the same design with embroidery, please place each shirt with embroidery in to the cart separately. i.e Size 00 Jack (would be one item in the cart) Size 4-5 Jill (would be the second item in the cart) This is to ensure that the correct embroidery is on each shirt.

Cuties By Zootys Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirt Orange & Navy:

Two reflective bands across the body
One reflective band across the arm
Each shirt is only available in long sleeve with button cuff
Each shirt also has the Cuties By Zootys logo embroidered on the back of the shirt
All shirts can be embroidered at an additional cost when bought from the website

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Veronica Fernandez
Cuties by Zootys recently ran a ‘be safe be seen’ campaign to promote stronger bonds between parents and their children. The campaign helped relieve separation anxiety when parents are away from home, build confidence & boost kids self worth.

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