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5 AM Workout Tee Shirts And Apparel,LLC
United States - WILMINGTON
5 AM Workout Tee Shirts And Apparel,LLC - We sell workout tee shirts and apparel. Our shirts made to wear with anything you choose. Most people clothes do not match an example Nike sweatpants with an under armor shirt. with my tee shirts, you can match them with anything you may choose. Also, you have different types of shirts yoga pants and nice shirts. ( have to use the Password for the site dude 2468)

What clothing looks are popular at the moment?

We have long sleeve, short sleeve shirts and yoga pants with several great logos to pick from. with all colors. We keep up with what is hot and what is not. We also want to make sure you love what you buy if not return it without any questions at all.

What should women never wear?

Name brand stuff that does not match. Items that feel that does not fit their skin color. Remember women are very picky when it comes to certain clothes so I had to be really careful how I put stuff on the website. While doing my evaluation I notice women do not wear pants they wear yoga pants so yes they have changed the game.

What is your most popular product?

All the items on the site I am using are all very popular. The items were chosen by looking around setting what people really like to wear and also talking to people open my eyes on items people do not like. They spoke open and honest about thins they need and what makes them feel confrontable to wear. So we only want to put these items on the site at this time.

What is your history in the industry?

I have worked on this since March of 2018 lots of issues with different websites taking my money and not returning my calls so I have lost at least $900 to $2000 dollars trying to fix this. So it killed me in credit card debt. And so right now I am using another company website. until I get my site up and running I do have a website that I am paying $30 dollars a month for I have not used until I get the money for inventory to put on my site.

What kinds of jobs do you take on?

I want to do much more but right now I only do stuff online with my logo. I am going to take on other stuff but I am using this other company website to my money right so I can get inventory for my own website. I will be doing tee shirts for family reunions and other events. Just work with me now and I will make sure I will keep you posted on my next move.

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Ricky Thorpe
I am very hard working, I believe in what I am doing. I refuse to not be successful I am refuse to chase money I chase the passion. I love my concept

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