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framedfeelings - A site created for the positivity of uplifting others. this isnt like a card that can be thrown away or lost, this sits more personally and beautifully on the table of your choice, heartfelt beautifully handwritten feelings framed, overdue thanks, and appreciations and I love you, weddings, anniversaries, sisters, brothers, grandmothers grandfathers etc... remembered kindness long overdue to be told uniquely. they will love it!

Why should people choose you?

because we need more love shown in this world, Im known as a positive motivator in peoples life and I feel it would be contagious if one person was given something very personal made specifically for them, time to be written beautifully words of positivity about them in ways to make smiles and relieve people who truly dont feel appreciated.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

I only had it for a little over a year now , it has grown to where ive done over 1000 for people Im over thirty thousand on line. some progress. I believe it would grow considerably if I had the right resources and someone to believe in me I have had wonderful encouragement thru friends and family but It becomes expensive which is why I have sapplied for a grant but so many scams I gave up.

Do you have advice about starting a business?

to be patient and not give up. even if your using your own will go good for a while then fall off and that becomes discouraging but pray and lean not on thine own understanding.i got discouraged many times before but remember a sermon I heard a while ago that said nothing just happens god is in control.

Who are you targeting?

ages 10 and up everyone can be appreciated no matter how old just long as they old enough to speak clearly. kids can obtain a framedfeelings too, their feelings are important too. a lot of times theyre dismissed and shouldnt be or dont know how to express it verbally. this is perfect for them. and honorary something they would not expect to get from their kid.

Do you have any customer reviews?

I have comments on my webpage. wonderful reviews everyone who purchased one or two or more kept coming back they are very pleased. there are people who entrusted me to do a framedfeelings for them and I wasnt even really up and running and for people like that in have a vip list.

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remembrance framedfeelings
framedfeelings offers a beautiful 8x10 remembrance one for a lost loved one. instead of an obiturary this still sits beautifully and speaks volumes. always an eye catcher when ever someone comes in the room. it will feel like they are always there with you when you walk pass it. it will bring a smile upon your face knowing they are uplifted and sitting pretty.

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