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Tv tech
United States - raleigh
Welcome to
Tv tech is the place to go if you are looking for in home repairs.
In home repairs save you the problem of haveing to take your
large tv out of your home, and to a repair shop for repair.
We can chk, and diagnost your LED,LCD, or plasma tv, and
get you an estimate for repair, in the home. If parts have to be
orderer, tech, will take down your tv model#, and part# of part
needed to repair tv in home.
Call for appontment.
Tech (c)919-522-8953 (Responce 100% if you leave text)

What repair tips do you have for homes?

If tv is dead, try unpluging tv, for 5min to see if it resets.
If your tv does"nt reset, dont take the back off High voltage
involved. (Call tvtech)
If your tv is not picking up your HDMI signal after a storm
witch is a common problem tv watchers experience, plug
your Hdmi cord into another HDMI tv input, it may work

What do people need to know about DIY

DYIs are unique, its not a bad idea if you like to save money,
and find your way around pritty good when checking something,
There are videos on you tube, that might stare you in the right
direction toward some simple repairs, but when nothing works
call the proffecionals, Tv tech.

Any advice about home repairs?

If you dont have some kind of back ground, in what you
are planning to repair, always seek a proffecional the
device you are planning to repair, may not be as easy to
service as you think, or if you have some idea of what your
looking at, look for video assistance from you tube on
product, you may be able to get a simple repair.

What are your fees or callout costs?

Tvtech usually charge for there house calls according to
what city you live in, being a raleigh based business, calls
out of raleigh, witch require long distance driveing would
run more. The regular raleigh s/c to come out and chk a
tv, for repair is usually, $40, out of raleigh customers would
have to call for s/c.

Who is your target market?

The customers we trying to reach the most is the, ones
who are looking for an in home repair, just dont want to
have to take tv into to shop for repair. because of tv size,
or just an inconvenience. Custs who would like to bring
there tv into shop to leave for repair, are also valued.

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My Products / Services
LED tvs
LED tvs
Hi we notice that a lot of the LED tv customers, havent had TV for too
long, and they suddenly notice they have sound, but no picture,
just black screen. What this is, is the LED lighting, in panel, witch
lights screen so you could see picture has burnt out. We repair these, we
have to take panel apart, and replace the bad lighting, were usually
able to do this cost effective to customers budget.
(Tv must be take to shop to do this LED repair).

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