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Private online Spanish lessons-native teacher
Denmark - London
Private online Spanish lessons-native teacher - Youve been studying Spanish for years now... but something is getting in the way of your progress...You need guidance and support to help you reach fluency and see results!

If you are looking for a NATIVE EXPERIENCED TEACHER who help you to make progress and knows the language aspects profoundly JUST CALL ME, you can try and decide WITHOUT COMMITMENT.

- I adapt the lessons to your NEEDS, INTEREST and WAY OF LEARNING because each of us has a unique background and set of experiences, so everyone learns a little differently.

- Materials reflect a lot of contents from real life and are made using resources and tools hugely useful to practice and make more motivating activities.

- Learn to handle a wide variety of day-to-day situations common and be able to develop and follow conversations on different topics and communicate in a simple and natural way.

- We can exercise all the individual communicative skills and competencies involved: Reading comprehension, Auditive comprehension, Oral expression,Grammar, etc.


What Language courses do you suggest?

1. Live conversation, I help you to learn to handle a wide variety of day-to-day situations common in private and professional life and be able to develop and follow conversations on different topics
2. Spanish for levels you want in accordance with the guidlines and levels set out in CEFR. I help to exercise all the individual communicative skills and competencies involved in learning a language.
3. Spanish Language certification, I can help you to improve your exam techniques and adopt strategies to get more and more confidence in speaking and writing composition.
4. Grammar explanations, I can help you to domain the more difficult aspects of it with very clear explanations and examples from real life to find the usefulness of grammar in everyday life speaking.

What tips do you have about your specific Language?

1. Learn from real and authentic contexts, this way you sound natural. get a good competence and performance (the actual use of language in concrete situations).
2. Be constant, learning a language is not an easy task, we need to learn, speak, listen or write for a while avery day in order to get more and more receptive and confident.
3. Keep the motivation lo learn, we learn widely with emotions much better. So learn about the culture as well, meet people from the country whose language you are learning, look for recipes from there, anything you like.
4. Provide you a good learning support and have a well-marked road in your language learning process, you will make progress faster.

What is your target market?

Private Online Spanish lessons with tailor made lessons matched to the students needs and goals.

The student are the starting point, in order to create the optimal conditions of learning I ysis the needs, preferences, goals and way of learning, so I design the best plan to learn faster and get confident.

I am a native qualified teacher who has a lot of practical experience dealing with language learning from the learners perspective and know the grammar aspects very well.

Selection of the most useful activities for you.

Feedback of your progress and point to work after the lessons.

What client reviews can you provide?

Jennifer knows the grammar very well and explains it in a simple way, he does exercises where you deduce the rules of grammar without realizing it and you remember them because the contexts are easy to remember. What I like the most is that the way she organizes the class make it happen very quickly and after it she sends you a report with your mistakes and improvements and your satisfaction is always checked through questionnaires. I would recommend it without a doubt who wants to become confident while speaking and sound more natural, later I want to prepare the DELE of the next level and I have clear that I will continue with its classes.

Degree Translation and Interpretation student

What makes this subject hard to grasp?

Whatever it is the reason why a student study Spanish, speaking a language is a process that can be complicated sometimes so that you have to feel confident and motivated enough.

Sometimes Spanish is taught by focusing on boring exercises and memorizing useless grammar rules but this approach doesnt help you at all to get a natural intuition of how to use the language. As a result the student get into a passive role in his/her learning process.

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Jennifer Megías
My name is Jennifer and I was born in Granada, a small, alive and very cultural city in the south of Spain, Andalusia. I like traveling, discovering and enjoying new places and good food which is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I also love reading specially hispanoamerican novel and dystopian novel and running through the mountain having my dog with me.

The interest for foreign languages and cultures has always been there becoming a growing part of my life. I speak and study English, French and I become interested in German. It is the contact with other languages and people loving them that I really get hanged on. So How not to enjoy teaching Spanish to students from any part all over the world?

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