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Logs/Timber Exports/TBE Ltd
United States - Sacramento
Logs/Timber Exports/TBE Ltd - I am a Log/Timber Exporter and I reside in Sigatoka, Fiji. I have families in the USA who would be my contacts for those who are interested in Hardwood, Semi Hardwood and softwood native trees of Fiji. I have forests and logs that would be logged for more than Ten Years. I am also a Contracted Land Consultant of which i have with me more than 100,000 acres of lands of Native and more than 20,000 acres of Freehold and Crown/State Land for Hotel and Real Estate and also Marina et al.

What is your business goal?

To successfully develop these forests after logging with replanting commercial export trees such as Mahogany and Sandalwood, Alabaster, Teak and Native Hardwood as well. I am hoping to construct hotels and real estate on these lands to expand development for these poor marginalized native indigenous land & resource owners, who have lands and resources but do not have capital to develop them and are living under poverty. I intend to do that by 2020.

What is your business history?

(1). I have set up small business for my 15 native landowners in real estate, backpackers and commercial farms.
(2). I have had Taro, Pawpaw farms for exports.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

We can set up Joint Venture for hotels and real estate for my lands or You can order my timber products for export.

What are your long term goals?

To buy and develop forests and lands from 10 of the 14 provinces in Fiji in 10 years time.

What is your most popular product / service?

(1). I provide consultancy for joint venture in Real Estate and Hotels to both Investor and Native Landowners.
(2). Logs/Timber
(3). Agriculture produces/products.

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I am a contracted Land & Resource consultant and I have with me more than 100,000 acres of Native and 10,000 acres of Freehold and Crown/State Lands for real estate and hotels. I am also a logger and exporter of logs and hardwood and semi hardwood timber and its by value added products

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