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KleenKan Technologies Inc
United States - Appleton
KleenKan Technologies Inc - We are a Research and Development Anti Bacterial Plastic Manufacturing Firm, in the State of Kansas, City of Wichita. The locations are located within the state of Wisconsin, Appleton,Platteville.Business Description.
The Company was formed on 06/21/2012 as S Corporation under Kansas state laws and headed by James R. Walbert.
I am, Inventor, James Walbert, the brain-trust behind the Kleen Kan Technologies,Inc. I have spent many years brainstorming and creatively designing our truly useful products. My goal is to introduce this technology nationally and globally, to help better protect the health and well being of society.

Did you attend an industrial engineering school?

We are currently certified.

What skills do you and most industrial engineers have?

Research and Development Manufacturing Anti Bacterial Plastics and Textiles

Any inside tips about the proffession?

We are within a 32 Billion dollar Market

Explain the Industrial Engineers typical day?

Researching and Developing Anti Bacterial Plastics and Textiles

What is your target market?

Consumer, food and Beverage Markets.

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My Products / Services
Anti Bacterial Plastics
We manufacture anti bacterial plastics of all types. From toilet seat to the common household door knobs, computer peripherals. First-rate service is intended to be the focus of the Company and a cornerstone of the brands success. All
clients will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts
or complaints. This is expected to create a loyal brand following and return business.
From the invention "KleenKan" covered above are 7 Patents, 2 Documents Disclosed to Gov. for the
ality, as, well as, 12 pieces of Intellectual Properties. Which has now been developed into an
invention born business "KleenKan Technologies,Inc."
This is a Research and Development firm that is
covering the field of Anti Bacterial Plastics. From the consumer market, to the Military Establishment.
Our approach is applied through the expertise of our President/CEO and Inventor at KleenKan
Technologies Inc. The Intellectual property that he has developed. What he has developed is a method of impregnation of plastics with a natural occurring biocide that is totally non-toxic, as, well as biodegradable, and recyclable too. Its a fact that as a society we are more "germ conscious" than ever.A whole host of antibacterial products that have been introduced to the market in recent years are testament to that fact.
Research and Development will lead us to "Smart Plastics" © Plastics that are designed to actually know the difference between bad bacteria and good bacteria. Keeping the environment in mind we are
developing Plastics from Plant Resins for Biodegradability. While it seems that we have effectively
covered a lot of the common areas where bacteria may fester, there are many household items that also
serves as a breeding ground.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
The Food and Beverage Project we are currently working on KleenKan is valued at 12-17 Billion over
the next 20 years. We also have several signed contracts with the Worlds Largest Beverage Manufacturer.
We are currently working this project KleenKan . The beverage company have been showing very strong
interests into this project and we have actually been in negotiations for the Middle Eastern side of the world
for the introduction of our product onto their products, with the beverage companies 6th largest bottler
within their chain.
As, a business we have been strongly advised by the beverage companies Executives to build the Machine,
SheerSnake for full demonstration to the bottler of the beverage companies while we are still under
contract. The beverage company have also stated that they are seriously interested in our technology, they
just need to work our some of the minuscule issues then we could possibly move forward. We already
know for a fact

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