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Escanza - Hotels Satisfying Your Interests
United States - Seattle
Escanza - Hotels Satisfying Your Interests - Escanza allows you to search for hotels based on your travel interests. Thanks to our partnership with, you have plenty of hotel choices. These interests include: romance, wellness, adventure, beach & sun, nightlife, skiing, shopping, family, and history & culture.
If youre not sure where to go for vacation, Escanza will help you find your dream destination based on your interests.

What Hotel Deals do you offer?

We offer select deals from our partner, Escanza is a search engine which returns hotel results based on your travel interests. The results are displayed in order such that the top-most hotels are the ones our search engine believes will most likely satisfy your interests.

How does someone pick a good hotel?

First, pick your interest, one or more of the following: romance, adventure, wellness, beach & sun, nightlife, and more. Second, choose a destination ( continent, country, or city ) and travel dates. You may filter the result for specific star ratings. The top-most hotels in your search are the most likely to satisfy your interests. Pick the one hotel based on the description, price, and reviews.

If you are not sure where to go for vacation, select your interest and travel dates. Check the SurpriseMe checkbox and Escanza will retrieve a location that will spark your interests.

Any advice about your industry?

With Escanza, you can save time searching other online travel websites. We optimized our search to deliver hotels and apartments that will most likely satisfy your interests. We know the cheapest rate hotel deals dont translate to the best travel experiences, but the combinations of good rates and hotel themes and locations to conveniently match your interests.

What attractions are near by?

This depends on the hotel you choose. Courtesy of our partnership with, you have over 750,000 hotels to choose from. Each hotel / property listed on has description about any near-by attractions and activities. Use the interest-based search to retrieve hotels closest to the attractions of interest to you and your traveling companions.

What types of rooms are available?

We partner with and all our results at the moment are properties listed on Such properties include single rooms, doubles, triples, or even full apartments.

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