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DeeCee Music
United Kingdom - Caterham
DeeCee Music - DeeCee Music is a site performed by the artist DeeCee. In which this website does not just contain music tracks - it owns photography, manga drawings by my specialist a lots more. We are a small business in which we want to strive to greatness. Please donate in the store to help us grow.

What music inpired your group or band?

I am a solo singer in which I sing a variety of music, from rapping to strong instrumental pieces of music.

What types of music do your preform?

I have sung Matt Cardle "When We Collide" and Sia "Falling To Pieces". This is just the beginning, every Monday and Friday I host an update on the website in which I have more music that is new.

Do you have any advice for musicians?

To give it your all even if your not comfortable with the song or the lyrics, just sing your heart out. Think of a great memory and use it, it gives more flavour when you sing.

Has your music been well received, tell us your success stories?

Its a slow business but hopefully there will be customers and people who are interested in music. I have advertised my website to almost 400 different customers.

What is your long term goal as an artist?

To become a well known person for what I strive to achieve. A music career in which is my goal. Not a record deal just yet, but to be well known to society.

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DeeCee Music Online Store
We list from a small range of music to photography and manga drawing in the company, not just that, but we also have produced our first single for just £4.99 which is amazing value for 3 exclusive tracks by the artist DeeCee. More news, you could also help a small site like us and make a small contribution to the service. Our Photography ranges from sceneries to animals in the wild/zoo. Have a look today...

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DeeCee Music
Our service has a variety of options, firstly, it stores music in which you can listen to. Secondly it owns a contact us icon in which you can send us positive feedback and also how to improve the service etc. You can also donate to a small company like us. Check us out...

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