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Eezi Waste
South Africa - Benoni
Eezi Waste - Looking for a unique company that is big on after sale service and competitive pricing.. Look no further!
We are a small business , situated in Northmead, Benoni and easily accessible from the N12.
Most of our products are in stock and can be delivered right away, others have a lead time of up to 10 working days.

Why should people choose you?

We value our clients and are always there to provide great service. We go out of our way to assist our clients with not only the best price, but the best product for their requirements. We listen to your needs and give advise and or referrals to other companies if by any chance we cannot assist.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

We are a very small Benoni based business and have been going for just over 2 years. We have tried to centralize our products for any company - big or small.
Our products are of good standard and because of this, we have very minimal comebacks. Our clients are satisfied with our service and products.

Do you have advice about starting a business?

My advice to anyone starting a business is be patient and dont give up. It is going to take a while for people to identify who yo are and what you can offer, until then you have to make your company work by either people you know or word of mouth. But dont give up!

Who are you targeting?

Because of the fact that we have so many products to offer, our target market is literally anyone and everyone. Whether we can provide you with one of our products or all of our products, you will still be able to get good service and brilliant prices.

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My Products / Services
Flow Bins / IBCs
Flow bins or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are mainly used for storage.
You get three different types of Flow Bins for different requirements.
A Food Grade is the most expensive of the three and is only used for food substances, like sugar, oil, etc
A New can be used for fisheries, watering gardens, drinking water for rural areas or diesel tanks for storing diesel on site. And the last is a Clean Used, this one is mainly for recycled oil, paper pulp, chemicals, paint mixing, etc

Product Features
Waste Management Services
This is but one of our product categories:
The words "Waste Management Services: for lots of people is the removal of rubbish. This is not entirely true. Our category has not only small/household wheelie bins, but industrial plastic / metal wheelie bins too, raging in size from 140Lt up to 1100Lt. We also have rubber black bins, pole bins, etc

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Nicole White
I am a vibrant, easy going person with big ideas that materialize into good money making tactics. I love meeting new people and getting out.
I am passionate about my products and believe in the best for the client, if you want them to be a regular client for the future.

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