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1 Hits from John Luxury and the Ice Giants!
United States - Los Angeles
#1 Hits from John Luxury and the Ice Giants! - Free downloads until the new album is completed! This legendary band out of L.A.,John Luxury and the Ice Giants. The album "What Ever Happened to Baby Johnny?" and the two new videos will be completed by this summer.The main forcus now is on rockabilly,yet the band also performs rock,r&b,and pop.Thank you.

What music inpired your group or band?

A lot of the traditional artists,singer-songwriters including Billy Joel and Mac Davis,AllMotown artists,and also,rock bands such as U2,Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,Supertramp,The Beatles,The Rascals,The Animals,The Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd

What types of music do your preform?

Rock, pop, rockabilly and some covers from artists and friends such as Gary Pucket and the Union Gap.We also feature Oscar "Lincoln" Jenkins,one of original Temprees who handles the vocal arangements,some dual lead vocals and a medley including "Dedicated to the One I Love".

Do you have any advice for musicians?

Allways stay true to your instincts and most importantly,never give up!The old saying that sometimes it just takes one more strike to hit the mine is the way I would phrase it.The chances are,if you really like your work,then a majority of others will also.

Has your music been well received, tell us your success stories?

Very well. We recorded at Poyel in Hollywood with Dave Alexander producing of Ratt and Stevie Wonder,and my good friend,stellar musician and original member of the Boxtops and Spirit,Dave Waterbury is the key member because he plays guitar,arranges and produces us.

What is your long term goal as an artist?

To put out as quality of music,including sound quality as we possibly can.Recognition is great,but again,you dont want to look back one day and say"Man,I never found out if I could have made it."Success can be frightening but if you look at as enjoyment,thats great!

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